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Ian is one of the founding members of OutlawRC and takes care of daily operation of the website, graphic design, some sponsor work, and many other tasks.   Ian and his son Austin both enjoy the RC hobby and the time it allows them to spend together.

June 29 – Grand Opening

Race results for grand opening, June 29, 2014


R1_Race_02_10TH BUGGY-3

R1_Race_03_SC10 2WD-3

R1_Race_04_SC10 4WD-3

R1_Race_05_SC10 4WD-3

R1_Race_06_10TH STADIUM-3


R1_Race_08_8TH BUGGY-3

R1_Race_09_8TH BUGGY-3


R2_Race_02_10TH BUGGY-3

R2_Race_03_SC10 2WD-3

R2_Race_04_SC10 4WD-3

R2_Race_05_SC10 4WD-3

R2_Race_06_10TH STADIUM-3


R2_Race_08_8TH BUGGY-3

R2_Race_09_8TH BUGGY-3


R3_Race_02_10TH BUGGY_A-Main-3

R3_Race_03_SC10 2WD_A-Main-3

R3_Race_04_SC10 4WD_B-Main-3

R3_Race_05_SC10 4WD_A-Main-3

R3_Race_06_10TH STADIUM_A-Main-3


R3_Race_08_8TH BUGGY_A-Main-3

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OutlawRC Track Build – Update 2

It’s been a few days since we started removal of the bark mulch that filled our track. We’ve given away literally tons of mulch to the community at no cost and some were kind enough to pitch in a donation here and there. Thank you!

TS Painting came in on their own time to prime […]

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OutlawRC Track Build – Update 1

Day one has come and gone, it was a great start to the build!

Outlaw Members started showing up bright and early to help clear approximately 120′ by 90′ of bark mulch 12″ deep at our new track home behind the Argiplex / Showbarn at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, but thanks to Steve at All Mini […]

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Cloverdale Pre-Rodeo Show 2014

Outlaw RC would like to thank everyone who came to the co-hosted event at the “Brick Yard Station” in Cloverdale, BC. This event ran on Saturday the 10th of May, 2014 to help open for the Clvoerdale Rodeo.

The Outlaws arrived bright and early to setup the temporary fire-hose track and our display area. We […]