OutlawRC hosts many types of events, including but not limited to Bash nights, Youth nights, Races, offsite events, etc. Please take a look through these tabs to find out more about each one.
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
FREE for non-members

Date: Every Tuesday weather permitting (blackout period is May 12-23)
This is a casual ‘Rung Wut Ya Brung’ to get to know one another, take advantage of the massive overflow parking lot for races and drags, explore some trails, float some boats, spank some concrete and discuss the future of this expansive RC’ing area. Access and parking is just off 64th Ave. We look forward to seeing y’all out there!
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Youth nights will focus on teaching youths the finer points of the RC racing world. Our goal is to teach kids if all ages how to work on their own vehicles. From rebuilding diffs and tuning suspension we’ll do our best to help them understand.

We also want to teach “racers etiquette” which will allow them to become a more valued member of the RC Community by helping them understand how to behave both on and off the track.

Race days will be set under the event section of our site. Stay tuned. We plan bi-weekly Sunday races.
OutlawRC also hosts Special events.

These events can include 1/5 racing, nitro, retro, carpet racing, Grip and Drift racing, boat racing, drag racing, swap meets, Sport Your Junk Punk (Show ‘n’ Shine), and many others, including offsite events.

Some of these events will be listed under the “Special Events” page.