Day one has come and gone, it was a great start to the build!

Outlaw Members started showing up bright and early to help clear approximately 120′ by 90′ of bark mulch 12″ deep at our new track home behind the Argiplex / Showbarn at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, but thanks to Steve at All Mini Machine Services we were completely useless. His Wacker Neuson 9503 loader devastated the entire pen right down to solid clay. Thanks for the help Steve!

We made much use of the dump truck donated by Turner Bros Contractors to move the mulch to a new home.

Lunch was donated by Brian at Competition RC. The pizza was delicious!

This was an all day affair and ended up with a good 3/4 of the track cleared and the other 1/4 piled up with bark mulch ready to be taken away.

OutlawRC Track Pre-Build

Before Build

First couple scoops out of the way.
Day 1: First Couple Bucket Loads

One side done.
Day 1: One side remitted

Done for the day, down to clay. Time to relax and talk.
Day 1: Discussion about day 2

Kids love dirt. Especially mountains of it.
Day 1: leftovers